Station Camp Elementary School

Please join us for our Open House.  Everyone will start in the gym at 5:30 to hear from the SCE PTO and administration and then transition to classrooms to hear from your child’s teacher.  There is a lot of sitting and listening to information so the night typically runs a little smoother if children are not present.  If you need to bring your children, that is perfectly okay – we will have limited space in our music room each night and will show a G rated movie.  The correct dates and times are below.

  • August 28th: K-3rd (5:30 – 7:00)
  • August 29th: 4th-5th (5:30 – 7:00)

Morning car rider information:

  • Use only the right lane when arriving on campus and dropping off. When your child exits the right side of the vehicle onto the sidewalk, you may go straight or pull to the left lane to exit campus.  Always go very slow and look carefully before changing lanes. 
  • Kindergarten parents will be able to walk their students to the classroom during the phase-in week only, August 7th – 11th. The following week, August 14th – 18th, Kindergarten parents may walk students into the front lobby. We ask that all kindergarten parents join the official car rider process by remaining in vehicles for arrival beginning August 22nd.
  • All students need to be dropped off on the sidewalk to walk into the building. Do not drop students off on the side of the building by the gym or the bus area at anytime.  Do not park in the gym parking lot and walk students to the sidewalk.  All car riders must come through the car rider line.
  • Please arrive on campus by 8:35 to reduce the potential of a tardy. Arriving between 8:00 and 8:30 will reduce the amount of traffic that can occur closer to 8:45. All students arriving after 8:45 must be brought into the building by the parent and will be counted tardy (we show lots of grace during the first week of school).
  • Please have students ready and seated next to the sidewalk exiting only on the right side of the vehicle. Please do not wait until you get to the front of the line.  This practice will significantly slow down the process. 
  • A school counselor will be available for any student having a difficult time coming into school.
  • Any parent with official school business must park in the gym lot avoiding the use of the front lot and crossing in front of the school.

Afternoon car rider information:

  • Beginning at 3:10, parents may begin lining up in two lines in front of the school building. Do not line up before 3:10 due safety concerns. 
  • Please place car rider sign on your visor or on the dash. Holt or Mrs. Devore will call names using these signs.  Vehicles without car signs will be asked to park and walk in to verify identity before releasing any students.
  • Any parent with official school business must park in the gym lot avoiding the use of the front lot and crossing in front of the school.
  • Do not park in the gym parking lot and come into the building to pick up car riders. If you need to check your student out before 3:45, you may park in the gym lot and come in sign your student out.  It will count as an early dismissal.


The teachers at Station Camp Elementary have compiled a list of GREAT summer time books for your child to read over the summer. The summer reading is not required. If your child chooses to participate, locate the grade level that your child will be entering this August and follow the instructions. For returning students, bring this signed pamphlet back to school during the first week in August to receive a treat.  The reading challenge can be found here

Happy Reading!

Our Mission

In partnership with parents and community, SCE's mission is to strive beyond educational expectations to instill a love of learning in each student. We will provide an environment that celebrates and explores our potential as diverse learners by embracing the uniqueness of the whole child.