Station Camp Elementary School

Welcome to SCE's Online Artwork Gallery.  Featured below is information about Artsonia as well as a handful of special pieces of artwork created by our Station Camp Elementary students this year!

SCE students upload their artwork to Artsonia throughout the year.  Artsonia is a free online student art museum designed to connect parents and families with their student's creative activities at school.  Not only are families able to view and upload your studen's artwork, but you may also visit the giftshop to order customized keepsakes.  If you would like information about setting up a parent account, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will need a PARENT CODE and STUDENT ID. 


Kindergarten Art Gallery

Eleanor Smith

November, 2020

 2020.11 K Eleanor Smith


First Grade Art Gallery 

Amaka Moore

November, 2020

2020.11 1 Amaka Moore 

Preston Knotts

November, 2020

2020.11 1 Preston Knotts

Jackson Singleton

February, 2021

2021.02 1 Jackson Singleton

McCovey Calling

February, 2021

2021.02 1 McCovey Calling

Sophie Harding

February, 2021

2021.02 1 Sophie Harding

Secong Grade Art Gallery

Aidan Ambrose

November, 2020

 2020.11 2 Aidan Ambrose

Arianna Early

November, 2020

2020.11 2 Arianna Early

Annie Radle

February, 2021

2021.02 2 Annie Radle

Atsuki Ito

February, 2021

2021.02 2 Atsuki Ito

Third Grade Art Gallery

Aliciauna Graham

November, 2020

2020.11 3 Aliciauna Graham 

Fourth Grade Art Gallery

William Arnold

November, 2020

 2020.11 4 William Arnold

Fifth Grade Art Gallery

Kaylee Harrell

November, 2020

 2020.11 5 Kaylee Harrell

Our Mission

In partnership with parents and community, SCE's mission is to strive beyond educational expectations to instill a love of learning in each student. We will provide an environment that celebrates and explores our potential as diverse learners by embracing the uniqueness of the whole child.